Since 1968, Thanh Binh has become a key player in the supply of Asian, exotic and more particularly Vietnamese food products in France. In 1992, our business expanded to import products from Japan.

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  • Vietnam Products

    Since 1969, Thanh Binh has been the specialist in importing directly from Vietnamese grocery stores It is also a producer of traditional rice and organic rice in Viet Nam.

  • Products Japan

    Since 1992, Thanh Binh imports products from Japan as Japanese saké, Japanese sauces, Japanese grocery store and Japanese condiments.

  • Thailand Products

    Since 1968, Thanh Binh directly imports Thai fragrant rice, Ca Com fish sauce


    Thanh Binh is initiator and pioneer in the production of rice and certified rice leaves from organic farming in 2005. He works directly with Vietnamese peasants. He controls the entire production, from seed to consumers. He distributes this ORGANIC range under the NAM BAC brand.

  • Rice

    Thanh Binh specializes in Vietnamese rice cultivation and quality control under its own brand DRAGON OR, FAMILY. He works directly with Vietnamese farmers. He manages all production, from seed to consumers. Thanh Binh is an initiator and precursor in the production of certified rice from organic farming since 2005. With its experience, it imports different rice of Japanese origin, Cambodian, Thai,...