Alcohol & Drink

Thanh Binh imports directly different coffees, Vietnam and Japan teas, drinks like sodas, juice, coconut water. But also a wide range of Japanese sakés, whisky, beer

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  • Coffee

    Thanh Binh directly imports coffee from Vietnam: coffee Trung Nguyen, coffee G7, Vinacafé, Nescafé, coffee Pho, coffee Viet...

  • Alcohol, Whisky

    Thanh Binh imports Japanese whiskies, Japanese sake, Japanese Umeshu, rice alcohol Ruou Nep Moi from Vietnam. It also sells antillean liqueurs, rice alcohol Mei Kwei Loo from China, liqueur to the Reunion rum.

  • Drinks, fruit juices

    Thanh Binh imports Vietnamese drinks like Xa Xi Chuong Duong, green jelly drink, black coffee drink. It also imports aloe vera from Korea. It also sells CALPIS milk drinks, ginseng drink, instant tea buble tea, basil drink and Asian fruit juice.

  • Beer, lemonade

    Thanh Binh directly imports Vietnamese beer and distributes Japanese beers (Asahi, Kirin), Thai beers (Singha), as well as Reunion Beer (Bourbon). Other beverages based on malt (Vitamalt) and sodas (Japanese cuisine)

  • Tea & herbal teas

    Tea is par excellence Asian drink with a multitude of varieties and origins. Green, black, oolong and fragrant teas.

    Tea-based specialties with specialities for slimming (Thé fine tonic, my beauty, tam diep), for digestion (ginger tea, turmeric tea, richter tea).

  • Japanese Sake

    Saké is a Japanese alcoholic beverage, made from the fermentation of rice and titrant between 13° and 20°. Thanh Binh directly imports from Japan a wide range of good quality.