Vietnam Products

Since 1969, Thanh Binh has been the specialist in importing directly from Vietnamese grocery stores It is also a producer of traditional rice and organic rice in Viet Nam.

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  • Alcohol & Boisson...

    Thanh Binh imports directly from Vietnam products such as: Trung Nguyen coffee, Thai tea, lotus tea, Jamaican tea, rice alcohol, Hanoi beer, Ben Tre coconut water, xa xi chuong duong, lime green tea drink...

  • Vietnamese Sal pantry

    Thanh Binh masters the manufacture of rice leaves, from the selection of rice to the final product. We sell Asian flours, noodles and Asian vermicelles, aperitif products and intantane soups.

  • Vietnamese sweet food

    Thanh Binh imports a wide range of confectionery, biscuitries, jams and Vietnamese desserts like ginger confit, soy cake, shocko pie, banana chips, jacquier fruit chips, dried banana ...

  • Condiment VN

    Thanh Binh directly imports spices, condiments, sauces, cans of fruits and vegetables such as: Pho spice mix, cube broth, syrup bed, eggplant brine (ca phao), fish sauce (nuoc mam) Phu Quoc, nem sauce and spring rolls...

  • Products Bazaars VN

    Thanh Binh imports Asian dishes, kitchen utensils (marmite banh cuon, humidific ateur for rice leaves), Vietnamese games (games you bag, games tam cuc, games lo to, games bau cua ca cop, chess games, games co ca ngua) and decorations like: conical hat, fan, flowers May for Tet.

  • VN Frozen Products

    Thanh Binh imports directly from Vietnam under its own brand DRAGON OR : prepared dishes (nems, stuffed crab, coated shrimp, shrimp), prepared desserts (manioc cake, gluant rice cake), fruit (durian, fruit jacquier, mango), vegetables (citronal, bitter cucumber, cane juice, coconut juice, cassava, taro) etc...

  • Divers