Since 1969, Thanh Binh has been the specialist in importing Vietnamese and Japanese groceries directly. He is also a producer of traditional rice and organic rice in Viet Nam. We also sell Korean, Thai, Cambodian, Chinese, West Indian, Indian products...

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  • Rice

    Thanh Binh specializes in Vietnamese rice cultivation and quality control under its own brand DRAGON OR, FAMILY. He works directly with Vietnamese farmers. He manages all production, from seed to consumers.

    Thanh Binh is an initiator and precursor in the production of certified rice and rice leaves from organic farming since 2005. With its experience, it imports different rice of Japanese origin, Cambodian, Thai,... It offers various varieties: fragrant rice, gluant rice, full rice, basmati rice...

  • Alcohol & Drink

    Thanh Binh imports directly different coffees, Vietnam and Japan teas, drinks like sodas, juice, coconut water. But also a wide range of Japanese sakés, whisky, beer

  • Salty grocery

    Thanh Binh masters the manufacture of rice leaves, from the selection of rice to the final product. We sell Asian flours, noodles and Asian vermicelles, aperitif products and dried algae.

  • Sweet Grocery

    Thanh Binh Jeune sells a wide range of exotic confectionery, biscuitries, jams and Asian dessert preparation. We specialize in the range of mochi and dried fruits like plums, o may, fruit jacquier, mango, banana...

  • Exotic sauce

    Thanh Binh imports Vietnamese sauces directly: fish sauces (nuoc mam Phu Quoc, nuoc mam Ca Com), soy sauces, chili sauces; but also Japan as soy specialties (Yamasa, Marukin), yuzu, wasabi.

    We sell a wide range of Thai sauces, Chinese sauces, Korean sauces, Indian sauces (Patak's)

  • Preserve

    Thanh Binh imports under his own brand DRAGON OR a mastered range of vegetable and fruit cans such as saturated eggplant, vinegar (Cu kieu), saturated mango, syrup lid, cynthesis plum.

    We sell all the exotic to syrup: mangostan, fruit jacquier, longane, mango, arbouse, rambutan...

  • Soup, Instant Noodle

    In this family of over 200 references, Thanh Binh directly imports Vifon, Hao Hao in bags and bowls. But also, we sell a range of instant Ramen soups from Korean origin (SAMYANG), Japanese (NISSIN), Chinese, Thai (YUMYUM, MAMATaiwanese...

  • Condiment

    Thanks to his knowledge of Vietnam, Thanh Binh directly imports spices, condiments: Pho spice mix, cube broth. Since 1992, Thanh Binh also directly imports from Japan hot rice seasonings, mirin, dashi broth, konnyaki vermicelle, shirataki, miso. We sell preparations for marinades: lacquered pork, lacquered duck, nem nuong, nem chua and also other products such as coconut milk, sesame oil, Indian sauces (Patak's) and anti-aise sauces and meetinges.

  • Vegetarian

    We sell a range of Asian vegetarian products.